BPower+ LLDPE cast stretch film is a new product which has been designed and conceived in Bomark Packaging’s laboratory. This film’s unique properties allow it to feature stronger characteristics than Bomark BPower film, yet still retain cost-superiority over our BSuperPower film. This film is ideal for those who seek strong film performance, yet wish to maintain cost-competitiveness.


All tests represent results in comparison to our high quality BSuperPower LLDPE cast stretch film.
All product testing is conducted on the state-of-the-art Highlight testing machine.

Stretch test

Puncture resistance

Cling test




Available size

12 - 35 μm

Int. core diameter

Thickness Elongation Puncture - Dart Test
12 μm 160% 1,2 kg
15 μm 200% 1,4 kg
17 μm 240% 1,6 kg
20 μm 250% 2 kg
23 μm 280% 2,2 kg
25 μm 280% 2,4 kg
30 μm 290% 2,5 kg
35 μm 300% 2,9 kg

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