Bomark Packaging benefits from the continuous use of the most modern laboratorial facilities. To ensure the highest quality of products, and therefore the highest satisfaction of our customers, Bomark Packaging conducts ubiquitous quality control checks on both the inputs and the outputs of our production chain. Raw material samples are drawn on a daily basis to guarantee that only the purest of granules are being used in our production. By constantly controlling the raw material quality, it is that much easier to control the outputs as well. Again, samples of all our production batches are drawn and thoroughly analysed in our laboratory, making certain that no product falls below Bomark Packaging’s high production standards. It is of paramount importance to be fully in control of the both ends of production, as there can be no compromises made in the delivery of a reliable and a satisfying product.

Furthermore, our laboratory is used for creating special, highly-customisable products at the request of our customers, ensuring that no need is left behind. It is Bomark Packaging’s mission to persistently invest our resources into creating new, enhanced films, which are capable of delivering ever-growing performance standards in the terms of film’s retention force, film’s cling force and film’s puncture resistance; and only to do so with a diminishing cost and environmental impact.