BMini Handy

Bomark Standard LLDPE cast stretch film is suitable for application by the automatic wrapping machines. Recommended for use on the machines without high level of prestretch capability. Primarily used for packing and securing products during transportation.


All tests represent results in comparison to our high quality BSuperPower LLDPE cast stretch film.
All product testing is conducted on the state-of-the-art Highlight testing machine.

Stretch test

Puncture resistance

Cling test




Available size
100mm; 125mm; 250mm

12 - 35 μm

Int. core diameter

Thickness Elongation Puncture - Dart Test
12 μm 80% 1,1 kg
15 μm 90% 1,3 kg
17 μm 100% 1,5 kg
20 μm 150% 1,7 kg
23 μm 180% 1,9 kg
25 μm 190% 2,1 kg
30 μm 200% 2,4 kg
35 μm 220% 2,5 kg

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